Starting with white card I use distress inks and water to create the background colour and texture, sometimes building as many as four or five layers to get the desired effect

I then create more layers of colour and texture using a variety of materials including found images (circus posters, vintage wallpaper designs, printing block letters), upcycled products (newspaper, magazines, books, maps) and rubber stamps (used as background and foreground images)

Everything is sealed with PVA and then varnished which blends the elements together and increases its durability

Each piece is individually crafted and the ideas grow from one piece to the next. I am mostly inspired by colour and texture but enjoy the randomness of images and like, where possible, to inject a little humour

Butterflies and dragonflies are reoccuring images both because I enjoy their beauty and because they symbolise good luck

Sometimes there is a theme or a story. Sometimes there isn't. Sometimes people create their own... 

Hanging out the background paper to dry 

I have cut out a template from one of the background papers to cover a small notebook

Here I am choosing vintage wallpaper designs and cut out stamped images to work with the background 

I have stuck on the wallpaper design and started stamping background images

This is the finished product. I gave the butterfly some more colour using inktense colouring pencils

I painted the finished design with PVA. When it was dry I sprayed it with varnish and then when that was dry I stuck it on to the notebook 

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